Friday, January 1, 2010

Well, where do I even begin? Last May, in the midst of finals and the closing of a long semester, also brought a bittersweet ending to a school year surrounded by wonderful friends, my sorority sisters. Summer was rapidly approaching and we were all going to be going our separate ways. So, to keep in touch with one another, a group of my closest friends all decided to start our own personal blogs. We spent countless late nights listening to music while making sure we picked the perfect blog title, background, colors, etc. I was, without question, on the blogging bandwagon. As you can see it is now the last day of the year and I am finally getting around to blogging for the very first time. As people are pondering their New Year's resolutions, I have decided mine is going to be to become a frequent blogger. Whether this blog touches a life, brings a smile to a face, or just fills spare time for someone, then this blog has fulfilled its purpose. So here's to 2010, a year full of blogging and blessings.


  1. Yayyy! This is the best new years revolution I've heard all year! Love you Mims! Can't WAIT to see you back in K-town!

  2. Just found you on here, Emily. I am glad you are blogging. Hope you have had a good first week of the semester.